Why we need Reflexology?

Today our lack of health is mainly due to a lack of exercise. Especially since most people drive instead of walk, poor blood circulation is common.

Reflexology uses the principle of stimulation of reflex zones in the foot to treat ailments. By massaging the reflex zone of an ailing organ or gland, we restore the original function of that organ or gland to achieve a therapeutic effect in a natural way.

We use Chinese medicinal herbs in our reflexology sessions to enhance the benefits of our treatments.

Most people experience comfort, relaxation and good sleep quality after receiving foot massage, because after a massage, blood circulation is increased, so that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and it is easier to fall asleep at night. Reflexology may also improve digestive functions.



The concept of Reflexology has its origins in ancient Egypt, China and India. Reflexology is a science which emphasizes anatomical relationships between the foot reflexes and the corresponding areas of the body.

Reflexology strenghens the body, fights against neurosis and insomnia, fights against hypertension, prevents rheumatoid arthritis, prevents numbness of legs, fights against diabetes, prevents common cold, promotes weight loss, and relaxes the body and mind.


There are countless nerve endings on the soles of the feet, and are closely linked to the brain. The foot's health is not only related to physical health, but it is also closely related to life.


Modern medical evidence shows that the human aging starts from the feet. The sole of the feet has a lot of blood vessels, so some scientists call the sole of the feet the “second heart”.


• 30 min Foot Massage
• 60 min Foot Massage
• 90 min Foot Massage
• 30 min Back & 30 min Foot Massage
• 50 min Back & 40 min Foot Massage
• 30 min Full Body Massage
• 60 min Full Body Massage
• 90 min Full Body Massage


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